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Besides breaking the law, the biggest mistake most criminals make isn’t getting caught- it’s being too greedy.  We read the papers and watch the news.  The 4th bank robbery was one too many.

 The same is true for education.  For years, policies have destroyed education in low wealth areas.  Policy makers robbed the funding of public schools and put up for- profit charters at will.  Like all criminals, they were not satisfied with their “take” and decided to swing for the fences.  They labeled 70% of kids as failures and reduced teachers to script readers- all in the name of profit.  Policy makers and corporations couldn’t look beyond their own greed to realize that what they were doing was rotten.

 Education is not broken.  Our children are more than test scores and our teachers are more than script readers.  The criminals that have touted high-stakes testing will be sent packing.  The gig is up! 

Lace to the Top

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