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I’m happy that Chris Christie lost his cool with that teacher. Not happy for her, but I think it was an easy way for us to realize, “Wow! What an inappropriate, volatile response!”

I think many of us feel a little scared to ask questions in our schools because we too, are afraid of the responses our superiors are giving or might give. If something doesn’t make sense, let’s ask questions and accept answers that are based on reasoning and intellect- not scare tactics of Singapore performing better than us in math…. OMG the Singaporeans (a population of about 500,000 students- NONE of their special education students are tested AND all students are tracked from the age of 7, into homogeneous groups so they are learning with students who have similar abilities) are going to remain ahead of us in scores! Gasp.

I hear other teachers who even speak of us being “ahead,” or others getting “ahead.” In the end, is it about doing what’s best for kids or is it about pushing an agenda and saying the word “rigor” a lot? If people lose their cool when you’re asking questions, maybe that means you’re asking good questions;)


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