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With the holiday season upon us, we need to remember to support an essential piece of our communities. Our local businesses are what keep Main Street great. 

This weekend is the first “Lace to the Top Small Business Saturday.” Print copies of the attached flier and go shop at your main street stores. Speak to the owners and employees and thank them. Tell them about Lace to the Top and ask to put up a “Proud Supporter” flier in the store’s window for the holiday season. Then, share your experince with Lace to the Top.

This holiday season, give the green gift that makes a positive difference in lives of children. Invite local business to support children and Lace to the Top. 

P.S. So many amazing things have happened as a result of the dedicated members of Lace to the Top. Parents, teachers, and children have united and the tide has turned. You have made green laces the symbol of love for kids and the belief that children are more than a test score. Thank you! 

As one.