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The Senate is due back in session in January. Ready your popcorn as our elected officials point fingers while our children continue to suffer. 

Given the latest statements, it appears politicians/ Regents are blaming the high-stakes testing connection to teacher evaluations as the crux of our problems. 97% of teachers are effective and yet here we are- fighting for our students!!!! Even if teachers are no longer tied to scores, the battle is not over. This is an unjust way to assess student knowledge. Accepting a 30% passing rate defies all reasoning and logic. We are in need of an overhaul, not a tune up.

By the time the BoR and politicians craft the statement, students will enter the much dreaded test prep season. Most districts allow for 2 months of ELA and Math prep before the actual test. Admins will all claim they don’t test prep with one hand, while they use their other hand to show teachers the piles of new manuals, data, and practice tests. Parents that are unaware or long forgot what “April” feels like, will soon be reminded. The floodgates will open and our politicians will have offered too little too late. 

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