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In 2011, NYSED Commissioner John King fired NYSED head of testing (David Abrams) because he released a memo prematurely.  The memo correctly stated that the days and hours of testing would skyrocket for grades 3-8.  NYSED claimed that the memo wasn’t vetted through educators before being sent.  In the article, it was clear that Abrams was fired because the testing system became too predictable and students results were growing far too rapidly.


Fast forward 2 years, the state test scores were reset once again.  King has been on the podium claiming 70% of the state is failing.  John King and BoR President Tisch  sang a different tune last year.  King and Tisch both touted small incremental growth on last year’s test scores.  What was the point of showing growth in 2012 if the plan was to have students crash in 2013?  THESE ARE THE SAME STUDENTS AND THE SAME COMMISSIONER OF EDUCATION!  King either lied in 2012 or he is lying now.  King should suffer the same consequence as David Abrams.



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