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American Girl Doll is now aligned with Pearson Education (test maker and publisher).   



Lace to the Top member Mauro Bruno predicts if Disney buys into CCSS, we can expect:

 • Snow White and the Seven Percentage Points

• Dumbi and Bambo Get AIS

• Kingocchio

• Close Reading of the South

• Mary Poopout on Her APPR

• Peter Panned

• The Story of Rigor Hood and His Merrie Modules

• 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Represented as an Array

• Alice Left Back in No-Wonderland

• Framework and the Tramp

• One Hundred and One College and Career Ready Canines

• The Absent Minded Commisioner

• “Just a Spoonfull of Rigor Helps the APPR Stay Down”

• That Jungle Text Complexity Band

• The Scaffolding Express

• Herbie Fails Again

• Honey, I Cited Several Places of Textual Evidence to Support Analysis of What the Kids Say Explicitly as Well as Inferences Drawn from the Kids

• Plausible Deniability This Way Comes

• The Rescuers Down Under 3, Again

• Operation Dumbing Down

• James and the Giant Pearson

• Test Everlasting

• The Adventures of WHST the Pooh

• The Princess Domains

• Remember the Strands

• Race to Tisch Mountain

• Monsters University-Ready

• Wreck-It Bill & Melinda

• The God Life of David Coleman

• The Chancellor’s Apprentice

• A Mesopotamian Family Robinson

 and, of course:

 • Pirates of the Curriculum: The Curse of the Green Lace


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