“Compassion is not hard to come by when the heart is not filled with the cunning things of the mind.” Krishnamurti

The battle for public education is between reformers’ cunning minds and people’s noble hearts. Reformers covet wealth and political power. They are using a business model geared toward profit and control to complete a corporate takeover of public education. However, schools, like homes, can only be successful with loving relationships from within, not punitive plans from without.

The “reformers’” agenda is rejected by parents whose children are abused by developmentally inappropriate curricula, teachers whose relationships with students and communities are replaced by scripts and tests, and true educational leaders whose vision of right education is being supplanted by a misguided attempt “save” education from a “crisis.” The singular unifying factor that sparked their opposition to the agenda is the compassionate instinct of good people to protect children from abuse. The cunning minds have money, power, and media on their side. The noble hearts have truth, love, and numbers on theirs.

There are steps we need to take to win this battle.
1. Inform: Share experiences and information to unite people and end suffering in silence.
2. Advocate: Speak up and take action to protect kids against the negative effects of Common Core testing.
3. Vote: Remove elected officials who do not actively support children with opposition to Common Core testing.
4. Rebuild: Make the Regents elected positions. Many people in the New York State Education Department have compassion, experience, and yet they are silenced. That has to stop.
5. Assemble: Parents, teachers, and community members need open dialogue with PTAs that reflect the thoughts of real parents to the leadership.

Like a healthy body we need to replace cunning thoughts with positive vision. This crisis has revealed there is no shortage of leaders and visionaries. I feel good about tomorrow!

Lace to the Top