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Riverhead Charter School was owned by a for-profit company-Edison.  After one too many issues the school was turned over.  We are unaware of the new owners at the moment.  Unlike other companies in the private sector, Riverhead Charter Schools receives all their revenue directly from the taxpayers.  While there is no cost to the students’ families, their home district pays the cost – over $15,000 per student.  There are currently 14 districts sending their students and taxes to the Riverhead Charter School.  The Riverhead School District sent their students along with 1.7 million of their tax dollars.

In the time of two percent tax caps and increasing class sizes, the Riverhead Charter  School (of only 500 students) was given a bond for $14.1 million to expand.     http://www.longisland.com/news/10-04-13/construction-begins-on-new-141-million-riverhead-charter-school-building.html

I understand the logic, if there is a better school out there why not fund it and send our children?  In the long term, Edison has proven to be extremely costly and extremely ineffective.   This is a bit startling given the per pupil spending and selective admission/aggressive discipline process.  As in example, Edison is bleeding the residents of Las Vegas dry and they have nothing to show for it:

“Edison came to town in 2001 promising to boost achievement among minority students from low-income families. Eleven years and three contract renewals later, the district has forked over more than $30 million with little student achievement.”



While we find no value in high-stakes tests, in the post Edison days RCS scores were abysmal.

As districts are preparing their budgets, please be mindful of the Riverhead Charter School line item.  We are operating under a tax cap, subject to unfunded mandates, and the sky rocketing cost of assessments are draining all of our resources.  Can we really afford another leach on the taxpayers’ wallets?

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