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The reformers, John King and company, would have you believe that they have solved our problems and their path is the only way.  Their path starts with labeling children as failures through poorly constructed assessments.  In the name of poor tests scores, schools are then forced to subscribe to rushed curricula that are filled with errors and have no long-term data to support their claims.

Pretending we have reached the destination only detracts from reaching our goal of a quality education for all.  We have seen the curricula and the tests- they are not the answer to college and career readiness.  We are wasting our time believing that this system is working.

The children sitting in classrooms across the nation will have to solve real problems.  They face a $ 20 trillion deficit, global warming and staggering levels of poverty.  We cannot afford to waste their time and have them sit through meaningless tests at the cost of opportunities to learn.  The solutions to the world’s problems do not live in a test or in the preparation for these tests.

We do not have the answers yet; let’s stop pretending we do!!!

“He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.” Jefferson