L’s over C’s: Life and Love Ready over College and Career Ready

Schools should follow the philosophy of independent art studios. The goal each day should be to supply materials, history, challenges, opportunities, space, audience, motivation, inspiration, silence, comfort, belonging, community, laughter, tears, lessons, and many other human possibilities that reveal truths to students and opportunities for them to share their discoveries. This would inspire children to create loving relationships.

The antithesis of the art studio philosophy is the lithograph factory. Its goal is to produce limitless copies of a pre-determined and arbitrary images that can be assessed and monitored by the number of prints made and their resemblance to the original drawing regardless of the color of the paper, amount of ink, quality of the machines, and workers in the local factories. This will condition children to accept unfulfilling relationships.

The College and Career Ready Crisis is well-documented as a manufactured. We need to close the factories creating the crisis and work for better studios that value living and loving, not testing and punishing.

Our children are not test scores. If you value what is inside of a child, the child will value it as well.

Lace to the Top. As one.