Something is inherently wrong when we have to clarify directions about what happens to children becoming ill during high-stakes tests.  These rules are in place for one simple truth- THESE TESTS MAKE CHILDREN SICK! 

 For the infinitesimal value these tests give us, are they are really worth getting sick over????  NYSED seems to think so.


If a student becomes ill during a part of the tests, the student should be excused until well enough to continue. The principal should estimate the time that the student had remaining to complete that part of the test. When the student is well enough to complete the test (and as long as the testing or make-up period has not ended), the student may be given the remaining time for that part. Other unadministered parts of the test should also be administered according to the Teacher’s Directions as long as the testing or make-up period has not ended. When the student is taking a partially completed part of the test, the student must be closely supervised so that the student does not go back to previously completed questions on the test.




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