Time for a Course Correction

Sometimes people get it wrong even when they think their intentions are right. Something is wrong not just because people object to it, but because it hurts people, it doesn’t produce the intended outcomes, and/or it cannot be sustained. When something hurts children, produces negative outcomes for schools, and cannot be fiscally sustained by local districts, that something was probably not created with the right intentions.

This was felt immediately by those with close connections to children in elementary schools during the horrible roll out of CC testing.

As the outcomes of this experiment in educational reform are revealed and the distraction of rhetoric are cleared away, the true intentions will become clearer to an increasing number of people until it reaches the point of no return for this debacle headed by people with no measurable public school teaching experience.

When it happens, people of principle admit the mistake and make a course correction to get it right. Course corrections in public education take a long time. Course corrections in the classroom are done in real time and sometimes lead to teachable moments. Seems there

It’s time for the people who continue to put data and profits before the right kind of education to make a course correction.