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Prior to teaching, I worked for Morgan Stanley as a prime broker for hedge funds.  The year I left to pursue a career in teaching, some strange products came to the market.  They were allegedly “asset-backed” and some of the smartest people spoke with such certainty as to their value.  Requests for proof were met with more rhetoric and people continued to invest with blind faith.   Within a few months, the entire market collapsed and these securities played a significant role.

Education is following the same trajectory of “asset-backed” securities.   We are told high-stakes tests & inappropriate standards are good for our children,.  Our requests for proof are met with the infamous taglines “college and career readiness” and “rigor”.

Lace to the Top is a pro-kids movement that asks one simple question, “Where’s the proof?”  We have assembled some of the best and brightest in the education field and cannot find a shred of evidence.

There are no Common Core Social Studies Standards, but let the lesson of the Great Recession be our guide.  We can no longer sit back and follow an agenda with blind faith.  As terrible as the financial collapse was, the collapse of  education for an entire generation is far worse.

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