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This week the politicians came out swinging and John King (as arrogant as ever) simply brushed off their words and told them he is moving forward with his agenda. 

 While King does not answer to any politician, it forces one to wonder- to whom does he answer?  Clearly it is not the politicians, students, teachers, administrators or parents.  Does anyone else matter in education? 

 How have we developed a system that allows one person to determine the trajectory of education for the entire state?  If one person is in charge, is this the best we could find?  John King only taught for 3 years prior to taking the position (1 in a public school).  His experience in education comes from his work in charter schools.  Charter schools answer to corporations because they have no choice.  Corporations are only concerned about profits and that is just about the worst motivator for schools one could think of.

 NY is not another charter school that King can sell to the highest bidders.  The parents will not allow this to happen!  King may not be listening to our concerns, but as parents we no longer have to force our children to abide by his mandates.

 Hear us now or hear us in March, it makes no difference. We are going to take our schools back!

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