Lace to the Top was created to protect kids from bad tests by uniting homes and schools around children. Our mission has not changed. High-stakes tests are bad for kids.

Support of Common Core is bad for kids. APPR is bad for kids. Data mining is bad for kids. A manufactured crisis in public education is bad for kids. State education leaders without children in public education are bad for kids. PTA leadership that ignores parents, teachers, and children is bad for kids. The best plan for me to protect my child from all of these bad things is to refuse the test. My child has not, and will not take tests attached to his teacher’s APPR or field tests. If he were in third grade, he would not take the ELA or math tests.

Our mission has not changed. If we stay together, we will protect our kids and bring about higher standards from the schools we trust, and escape the strings attached from the profiteers we don’t.

This crisis has awakened compassionate leaders with personal interests in the success of children, teachers, schools, and public education. Refusing the tests removes control from those who have ignored our voices so we can work collectively to make schools in our neighborhoods uncommon, joyful, and ours. Refuse as one.They refused to budge an inch; time to reply in kind