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Districts are quick to dismiss parental rights and force students to take high-stakes tests.  It encourages one to ask why?  They must have a great reason. 

 Parents (for the most part) take issue with the high-stakes tests and standards, but not with the district itself.  These high-stakes tests and standards were not created by the district, but have come by way of a much lower authority- John King & Co.

 Lace to the Top has planned a public debate for March 5th, 2014 at Comsewogue High School in Port Jefferson Station.  Invitations have been sent to anyone willing to support high-stakes tests and Common Core Standards.  While many administrators are willing to meet parents 1:1 to discuss the many fine points of Common Core and high-stakes testing, NOT A SINGLE PERSON IS WILLING TO PUBLICLY DEBATE THEM.   

 Some districts are protecting the tests and standards at a great cost, forcing students (as young as 5) to sit and stare with an abusive, self-imposed policy.  This is a method of punishing parents and their right to boycott something that is corrupt and unjust, with their children caught in the crossfire.  Districts are also greeting parental refusals with removal of honors courses, mandatory AIS, and elimination of after school programs.

 Districts are willing to punish the students, but will not defend the rationale for the abuse.  I truly question their motives and allegiance.  Schoolhouses once stood as the center of the community.  Some have lost their backbone and have become nothing more than a pipeline for the corporate education reform agenda sending their money, data and students’ future to the highest bidder. 


Districts must respect the rights of parents or rewrite their mission statements.    

Lace to the Top

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