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NYS PTA no longer represents the parents, teachers, or students of NY State.

 After the results of the NYS PTA survey and conclusion, we are left with no choice but to take a stand.


 In the January 2014 NYS PTA Common Core Parent Survey Report:

60% felt the amount of student testing & test related preparation should be given the greatest attention in NYS PTA’s advocacy efforts. 

 66% oppose Common Core‐based instruction.

92% report student testrelated stress in the past year.

 1% believe the most productive method of evaluating each educator’s performance should be performance on state tests.


20,000 people took part in the survey, yet NYS PTA continues to ignore their members and speaks with that infamous “one voice”:

 “In this global economy, it is more important than ever for our schools to graduate students who are ready for the world of work and/or college. They need to be creative and deep thinkers, demonstrate excellent literary skills and be math and science literate no matter which endeavor they chose. This is the path forward in the twenty‐first century; the path that will insure that the United States remains at the fore in innovation and educational excellence. For this reason, despite some issues with implementation, NYS PTA strongly supports the CCLS.”

 Complete results of the survey can be found here



 The disconnect between the NYS PTA conclusion and the data collected reflects the disconnect between NYS PTA and the local leadership. 


Please send notice to your local PTA leaders that while we want to FULLY SUPPORT their leadership, we cannot sit back and allow NYS PTA to be the “voice” of our children.  Our local PTA leaders need to take a stand!

 Here is a letter informing your local leader of your participation in the boycott: 



There is another option, already embraced by many schools, that leaves more money for the children and leaves the decision making in the hands of the local parents and teachers. 

PTOs are a viable option for any PTA looking for change.

 In 2013, the revenue of the NYS PTA was $ 853,177.  They only spent $32,580 on advocacy.  The bulk of their revenue $730,344,went to leadership, structure, & PTA office.    

 Please consider moving your school to a PTO.  More information on the transition can be found here:



The NYS PTA chose to ignore their own research, which clearly established opposition to high-stakes testing and the implementation of Common Core.  When an association no longer acts on the beliefs of the members, the organization no longer has members; it has subjects. 




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