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The march through March is filled with great opportunities that matter. There are events at Comsewogue High School on March 5, 22, and 29. There is a panel discussion at the Tilles Center on the 10th. Diane Ravitch will be at Stony Brook University with Carol Burris, Pasi Sahlberg, Michael Fullan, and Andrew Hargreave on March 13th and at Teachers College on the 22 with Lucy Calkins. 

These events matter because they are each opportunuties to bring our collective voices together to protect kids and let other parents know that their struggles with homework, test prep, and testing at their dinner tables is something we can end if we fight it together. 

But the march through March means more than just wonderful speeches, discussions, and debates among those involved with the fight. It means talking every day wherever we are to pass along what has been the focus here since the first post; Our kids are not test scores. The tests are abusive. The publicized “stops” were not enough. The reported “fixes” did not stop a generation of NY children from being tested and data-mined this coming April… yet.

Get ready to march through March because we love our kids, trust our teachers, and believe in our public schools.

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