Dear Fellow Teachers,

 Dick Iannuzzi was a teacher and the president of my local when I first started teaching. His leadership and professionalism set the tone for our members then, and still resonates today.

 When charter schools tried to invade our district, he organized a forum, spoke to the crowd, and crushed the charter supporters in a debate that ended with thunderous support from a packed auditorium.

 Dick’s election as NYSUT President did not remove him from the members and community he led for so many years. He went on a listening tour around the state and responded honestly to members’ questions as well as criticisms.

 Dick hosted a NYSUT rally in Albany fighting the corporate take-over of public education with a focused passion that united support of close to 20,000 educators. Among the masses were two teachers dressed as a pineapple and a hare.

 Dick was part of our grassroots and student-focused movement from the beginning. He proudly held up a pair of green laces at the rally hosted by Dr. Joe Rella, because the idea that kids are more than a score is something he has believed since his days as a teacher.

 He has publicly and powerfully denounced the SED for its positions on sit and stare as well as parents’ right to opt their children out of high-stakes testing.

 Dick Iannuzzi makes leadership look easy because his vision is clear and his motives are just.


We endorse Dick Iannuzzi as NYSUT President.




 Dr. Anthony Griffin & Kevin J. Glynn

Teachers, Dads, Lace to the Top Co-founders