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One year ago, a symbol to protect kids from high stakes testing was conceived. It was a few pairs of green laces that measured less than the length of a classroom. The symbol spread in that year through compassion and humor and beautiful truths emerged. Strangers became friends. Moms became heroes. A superintendent became a legend. Politicians became allies. Kings became fools. Isolated refusals became school-wide norms. Sit and stare became stand and refuse. Whispers became roars.
Lace to the Top was conceived one year ago as a symbol to unite good people to protect their kids against bad tests. A group of 2 has become 13,000. Less than the length of a classroom has become more than 18 miles of bold and impossible to ignore green laces. The tests are still here but there are more people united against them than were anticipated and the numbers are growing rapidly.
Education, children, teachers, and parents can be ready for college and careers without testing. It is testing that cannot exist without us. Wear green laces and be a part of the return of school to the people in the school house.

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