Dear Parents & Students,


We want to apologize for not fighting hard enough against the NYSED’s high-stakes tests. As a result, children were unnecessarily brought to tears.


Today ends the 6th day of the NYS testing. We have watched and read stories of product placement, developmentally inappropriate reading texts, questions that used wording well above grade level, confusing children about what was being asked. We have read stories of hundreds of schools receiving incomplete test booklets and as a result, students are forced to return for a 7th day of testing. And today, many witnessed questions that were not “real world” problems, but rather, evidence of real problems with high-stakes tests.    


Because of our efforts many were saved, but clearly it was not enough. Far too many parents and teachers have sat back as high-stakes tests wreaked havoc in their schoolhouses. And for what???? What can we possibly gain by continuing to allow our children to be subject to this nonsense? It will take months to get the results, we are never allowed to see the tests, and there is a “gag order” placed on teachers to prevent them from even discussing them.


Some of the high-stakes tests have ended, but the war continues. Children will be placed in front of field tests. Some will be forced to sit and take local standardized tests to evaluate their teachers in all subjects. At what point will it be enough? At what point do we stop calling it the Common Core and call it what it is- the Common Test?


Please know we will continue to fight and we will. We will win for our children, our schools, our teachers, and our communities. When we win, students will know they mean more than a score, parents will know that their rights mean more than the Core, and teachers will be allowed to be more than a scripted module. Kings are falling, politicians are scrambling, and corporations are worrying.

Wear your green knowing that children will be happier and their education will be stronger because of your commitment to their future.


As one


Lace to the Top