Green Laces are an idealistic symbol. They were created by two dads who were motivated to stop what they saw to be imminent threats to their children’s public education. The honeymoon has lasted for a year, and for some, that time has ended.

The question is, are you still in?

Before you decide, be sure to know who we are, why we wear green laces, and what we believe will help public education, its students, and their teachers to be even more awesome.

Lace to the Top is parents, educators, and children who have become advocates for public education. We are your friends, neighbors, and colleagues, not your enemy nor adversary.

The Lace to the Top Facebook page was created as a megaphone to call people who saw and felt the need to be a part of a positive change in education. We attracted many when we started with information that we thought was honest, useful, and clever. Many of our friends and family members joined us right from that first day in July, followed quickly by colleagues, members of other Facebook pages with a similar focus, and people who were new to the issues surrounding public education reform.

We wear green laces to help kids connect with adults in their school and community. We have been to the rallies and we will continue to do so proudly with our bold laces on whatever shoes we wear and whatever costumes suit the situation.

We believe this is the smartest generation yet, tested by the worst system ever. We believe high-stakes testing needs to be scrapped. We opt-out our children. Our sole focus is not Common Core. We welcome evaluations that are fair and do not damage students and the school year while tests pushers tout their importance and deny the abuse.

Lace to the Top has been part of joining collective whispers into a chorus. When some of the whispers change to screams from a different chorus, it is time to clean the chorus. The appearance of a united front will effect far more change than squabbling over divided details.

This is not an appeal to convince you to stay. This is a reminder of why you came. The Honeymoon was nice, but raising beautiful children is better. Image