NY school children will start the year with Cuomo as their Governor, Common Core as their standards, high-stakes testing as their measuring stick, John King as their Commissioner of Ed (?) , and their teachers will be tied to a system that no one can make sense of.

We have been screaming, “HELP” but the politicians are not listening. If we keep waiting for politicians to save us, we will continue to be disappointed. The change we seek can only come from within.

The success we have seen this year has been on the local level. Rather than walk away broken and discouraged, green laced students were prepared for the year. Green laced students started the year feeling brilliant and spent every school day proving it. Green laced teachers refused to see their students as tests scores. Instead, they saw their students as the hope and promise of this country. Green laced teachers refused to enter a competition with their colleagues and instead embraced collaboration with a focus on best practices- not flawed test scores. Green laced parents didn’t doubt their children because of test scores and many refused to have their students subject to them. In a system designed to show our students as failures- parents, teachers, and students have united in a bold and impossible symbol to ignore- green laces.

This movement desperately wants to swing for the fences and hit a homerun. Homeruns gather attention, but don’t always win games.  Forget the politicians and get your schools back.

As one