Another school year is about to end. Last year, we left feeling devastated knowing that many of our students would receive letters labeling them as failures and stripping away their self-confidence. If we sat back and did nothing a love of learning would be lost forever. But we did not sit back- we united. Teachers and parents fought back against billion dollar corporations and corrupt politicians. They had their “theories”, but never bothered or even cared to see the impact to the classrooms and dinner tables. In the age of supporting claims with evidence, we were asked to use blind faith to follow an education policy that would benefit corporations at the expense of the students.   Their rhetoric has lost its magic, their numbers simply don’t add up, and it turns out their King is nothing more than a jester.


While we continue to fight the attacks from outside our communities, the goal must be to rebuild from within.


Last year’s devastation has become this year’s hope.