Despite the very touching story NYSED Commissioner tells about his life, John King was a boy from Brooklyn born of great privilege. He attended New York City schools and went on to attend a $48,000 a year high school, where he rebelled against the strict curfews and cut class. He was expelled as a junior. He resented adult authority and claimed, “felt like adults had let me down in my life.” He was going to get his revenge.

John B. King, Jr.  went on to become the founder of Roxbury Prep in Massachusetts. According to the Roxbury Report Card, the school is still listed as not meeting gap narrowing goals (receives a 2 in a 1-5 scale).  It currently performs at 57%  compared with similar schools.  Roxbury has a 94% attendance rate along with an astounding 59% suspension rate.

At 36, he became one of the youngest leaders in education.  Since then, has been charged with the abysmal implementation of the Common Core and has done very little to fix it. He keeps his own children clear of his mismanagement as they attend a Montessori school that does not teach the Common Core.

John King is the Commissioner of Education in NY, but for how long???

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