This may sound like a CC math problem, but it is more a solution to CC: How is 4 not more than 2?

Nearly 70% of children who took the NYS tests last year were given 2’s and below which is supposed to indicate that they are not college and career ready.

Derek Jeter, #2 on the Yankees has been one of the most ready players for the last 19 years. What’s in a number? A career by any other digit would have been just as sweet. While his statistics make him a first-ballot Hall of Famer, the immeasurable and intangible aspects of his game are what have made him “Jeets” to the millions of fans who will watch his final home game today. He is “Captain Clutch” and “Mr. November.” He made “the flip,” “the dive,” and “the jump throw” even though he was not taught them from a script or a set of standardized plays.

Number 2 is more than the score of today’s game or the number of hits he has amassed during his career. He is the son of loving parents, a player on a baseball team, and the source of joy for millions of fans and rivals. Thanks DJ for always being ready. You have taught thousands of kids that being a 2 can no more stop a kid from reaching greatness than being a 4 guarantees it.