We need a new benchmark for commissioners. We looked at the data, and realized the quality of educational leadership in NYSED is far below that of Singapore and Finland.

Parents told the soon to be previous commissioner, children are tested too much. His solution was to reduce the amount of time students had to take the same developmentally inappropriate tests. Parents were so disgusted by the previous commissioner, they refused state testing by the tens of thousands. Teachers passed a vote of no confidence in the previous commissioner. The time, energy, and resources wasted by John King have revealed what New Yorkers want in a commissioner.

To help identify such a candidate, we have created a test to assess the new commissioner who will welcome in a new era and end the reign of error. The new era will put kids above profits, learning before testing, and teaching before politics.

We at Lace to the Top believe in finding the good in people and learning from mistakes. John King’s legacy as Commissioner is a consistent series of decisions actions, and speeches that reflected what parents and teachers do not want for their children.

The following is the Lace to the Top Commissioner selection instrument to help the Merryl and co. find a commissioner that will not need a police escort to escape forums. 

1.You’re a student at Columbia and notice a pleasant man with a goatee. When you meet him you

A. Inquire about his availability to be Commish.

B. Ask him about his failing charter school.

C. Ask the students at Columbia about any silent protests planned for “honorees.”

2. What is the best way to close the achievement gap? A. Harder tests

B. More tests

C. More museum visits

D. smaller class sizes.

3.Have you ever required a police escort to prevent an audience from causing you physical harm?

A. yes

B. no

4.How many years of public education experience do you have?

A. 0-2


C. 8+

5.How many charter schools have you run?

A. More than 1

B. 0

6.When sitting at a forum, how would you describe your countenance?

A. Disinterested

B. Disgusted

C. Anxious

D. Attentive

7.When selling a child’s data to a private corporation, what is the most important detail to remember?

A. Profit

B. Political benefits

C. Follow Orders

D. Sell what?

8.If you are told your actions are hurting kids, what actions should you take?

A. Ignore and make sure your children are still in Montessori schools

B. Stare and rattle off from the script about rigorous college and career readiness.

C. Stop the source of harm and fix it or scrap it.

9.You plan to establish a new benchmark. What percentage of children should your plan fail?

A. 100-70%

B.  69-0%

C. The people who created the plan to fail any children should be reassigned to work in an occupation that does not involve children… or human beings.

10.How would you improve Engage NY modules?

A. More rigorous scripts and less room for teachers to respond to students’ needs

B. Ezra Pound poetry moved to second grade.

C. Open source lesson plans

11.What is the greatest problem with Common Core?

A. The roll-out challenges of the initiative were exacerbated by the confabulation of white suburban moms.

B. Teachers want lower standards

C. It is still here

Answer Key: If you answered “A” to any of these questions, please submit your application to Scotts fertilizer. They like reformers. You cannot be the commissioner of ed in our state.