We can ‪#‎calloutcuomo‬, but it won’t get us very far. Cuomo is a small part of a much larger problem. Common Core is a test driven mechanism designed to fail our students, teachers, and schools. Everywhere it is implemented, it comes with a warning of raised bars and new baselines. This equates to ridiculously high failure rates of both students and teachers. Politicians attempt to minimize the damage by saying these tests don’t count for students, but that is only temporary and does not stop student learning from being held hostage by abusive testing practices that is meant to punish teachers.

NY will lose Cuomo in 4 years, but if we don’t take a significant stand against Common Core and its testing it will not matter.

Common Core and its tests have empowered Cuomo and his band of merry charter operators. It is time to take that power away. It is a difficult task when state and national union leaders are willing to harm members to uphold their promise to the Core, but it is our only hope of preserving education.