We reported the issues with questions on Common Core state tests.  The tests fail to follow a very simple rule of assessments- questions MUST be written on the grade level you are attempting to assess.  It only makes sense.  Students can’t answer questions that they do not understand.  These tests are constructed for ALL students in a given grade level and therefore it is imperative that the questions are grade appropriate.

Here are the results of the 3rd grade NY State Common Core test questions.  Most Math questions for 3rd graders are written on grade level 6.4 or higher.  Take a look:

“Charlotte played a computer game that uses a target like the one shown. Each

ring of the target is marked with the number of points she earns if her dart
lands in that ring.
Each X on the rings shows where one of Charlotte’s darts landed the first time
she played the game.”

Readability Formula Grade
Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 5.2
Gunning-Fog Score 7.9
Coleman-Liau Index 7.9
SMOG Index 6
Automated Readability Index 6.5
Average Grade Level 6.7

“The table below shows the points scored by different teams at the math games.
Complete the bar graph to represent the data. Remember to include a numeric

Readability Formula Grade
Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 5.3
Gunning-Fog Score 9.4
Coleman-Liau Index 11.5
SMOG Index 6.8
Automated Readability Index 5.1
Average Grade Level 7.6

In a computer game, players earn points by collecting ducks and frogs. The
picture below shows the ducks and frogs Sheila collected the first time she
played the game. She earned the same number of points for 6 ducks as she did
for 4 frogs. If Sheila earned 36 points for the ducks, how many points did she earn for each

Readability Formula Grade
Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 4.7
Gunning-Fog Score 8.1
Coleman-Liau Index 8.4
SMOG Index 5.3
Automated Readability Index 5.7
Average Grade Level 6.4

Something doesn’t add up- it’s the Common Core state questions!

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