Common Core does not work because it was never designed to work.

Simply shifting demands down by 1-2 years, with no regard for age/grade appropriateness, is producing the exact failure rates those in charge predicted. Of course in cases where the results do not meet predictions, cut scores are adjusted to guarantee the predicted rate of failure.

Everyone knows you can’t turn a 3rd grader into a 5th grader. Why would you ever want to? Unfortunately, that’s what is demanded of the Common Core standards and its high stakes testing.

Here is the shift in Lexile levels.  Each grader reading requirements were increased by 1-2 grade levels:


Not one elementary teacher or child development expert was ever part of the Common Core process and it’s showing.  Read this shocking Joint Statement of Early Childhood Health and Education Professionals on the Common Core Standards Initiative.  It was a warning sign that went unnoticed and as a result, our students are suffering.

It’s time to end the Common Core experiment.  We shouldn’t be forced to make the best out of Common Core’s worst.  School houses need look internally and build what the Common Core cannot- complete with teacher, admin, student, and parent input.

We are being told Common Core works from those outside the classroom walls.  When do we start to listen to those that actually have to work with the lackluster standards and flawed state tests?