AFT President Randi Weingarten is scheduled to appear today at the NPE Conference in Chicago.

No coincidence that just yesterday, she rushed to England to tell Pearson to stop spying on children.  (Back on March 15, 2015 it was discovered that Pearson was spying on children to make sure their precious testing materials were not leaked online.)  

This is not the first time Randi has flown to England to set the record straight with Pearson.  It was 1 year ago that she showed up to demand that Pearson lift the gag order for its testing.  Pearson has not lifted the gag order.

The spying continues, the gag order is in place, and the tests continue to not only to be linked to teacher evaluations, but in most cases are playing a more prominent role in those evaluations.  And yet Randi and the Aft continue to demand annual Common Core state tests continue.  She even went so far as to thank the NY Assembly for voting in the bill that now allows testing to account for 50% of teachers’ evaluations.

While Randi and the AFT claim testing is civil right and provides valuable data, she should have been listening to her counterpart from England at yesterday’s protest,

ATL general secretary Mary Bousted said: “School curricula should not be patented and charged for. Tests should not distort what is taught and how it is assessed.

“Unfortunately, as the profit motive embeds itself in education systems around the world, these fundamental principles come under ever greater threat leading to greater inequality and exclusion for the most disadvantaged children and young people.”

Testing is not a civil right Randi and the data is only used to punish, not support students and their school houses.

It is time to #tellRandi to drop support for annual Common Core state testing.