Only days after Randi Weingarten and AFT’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton was met with a roar of boos and disdain from members, there was no way the AFT would push yet another corporation promoting Common Core.  Yet, that is exactly what they did. Introducing the nauseating support for IBM: image1 Apparently we are having such a hard time with Common Core because we are… human.  Time to call in the robots: image2 After all, IBM’s computer did beat Jeopardy Champion Ken Jennings.  But when it comes to education and what is best for kids I choose the human every time.  Here is Jenning’s take on the Pineapple & Hare story that appeared in the NY State Common Core test:

“Is this a joke? The story makes no sense whatsoever,” Jennings told the paper. “The narrative has no internal logic, the “moral” is unclear, and the plot details seems so oddly chosen that the story seems to have been written during a peyote trip … A ninja and toothpaste? What does that even mean?”

Our unions will continue to support Common Core.  That is what the leaders promised to the businesses that have invested capital in Common Core and now want a return on their investment.   The union leadership will never right this wrong and that is why there is no option but to replace them.  Perhaps IBM can help with that…