We are truly at the crossroads. Education is a powder keg ready to explode at any moment. Politicians have been listening with their wallets instead of their ears, but it’s clear their constituents are becoming more hostile by the second. Something has to give and it can’t be the usual window dressing that has been offered in the past.

It’s fair to say that today’s children no longer learn the same as previous generations. Many arrive to school with the world at their fingertips – literally. Technology has changed the landscape of this world and should have already started to make waves in schools, yet that is not the case.

Funding has played a big role in keeping 21st century learners back. Schools have limited budgets and simply can’t invest in infrastructure that has a shelf life of 4 years (or less). And it’s where these budgets are being spent that guarantees state of the art learning environments will exist only in the mind (or the home). The mandates dictated from high above have forced districts to exhaust limited resources on a flawed testing and teacher accountability model. There is a 2% tax cap… on learning.

Parents and teachers were looking for an evolution in learning. Common Core gave us standards that we already had and offered excuses for privatizers to pillage and plunder our school houses. Not quite what we were expecting.

It is time to give autonomy back to districts. It is also time to cut the testing company & charter leaches off. A system run by limited funds and operating on a 2% cap cannot afford to fatten the wallets of investors at the cost of already limited resources in the classroom.

Politicians & Regents- it’s your move.