Cuomo’s NY Common Core task force member Sam Radford (president of the District Parent Coordinating Council of Buffalo) had this to say last week regarding Common Core standards:

“It challenged them to be better and it gave them a set of standards where they didn’t have standards. We should all have the same standards. An A should mean an A no matter where you’re coming from…We need to be clear about the fact that these are good standards. These standards challenge our students to be better. These standards are what our students are going to need to compete globally, and so we want to keep the conversation initially about the standards.” 

Quite a difference from what he offered reporters yesterday:

“Even with the diversity of our background, we don’t know everything. So, in some areas, we need some experts to come in and tell us what certain things are and how they work.” 

Cuomo has a assembled a task force of 15 and charged them with fixing all that is wrong in education in NY. Their very first step is to bring in the “experts” to tell them what to do and say…