Once a child loses their self-confidence, they can spend a lifetime trying to get it back.

Lace to the Top was never designed to live solely on Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Our mission was built to be carried out with a unified symbol and one clear message – OUR CHILDREN ARE MORE THAN A TEST SCORE.

As we head towards the test, go dig up all the green you can find and bring that message into your school house.

Teachers, have the conversation with your class. Tell them they are more than a test score and let your green laces, lanyard, bracelets… serve as a reminder.

Parents, send your children in with green and tell them they will not be standing alone- their teachers will be proudly standing with them.

Education, children, teachers, and parents can be ready for college and careers without Common Core testing. It is Common Core testing that cannot exist without us. Wear green laces and let’s put these tests to bed.

As One